We offer horse training on property.  Sarah has years of experience training OTTB's and been solely responsible for the training of Picket Hill stallion, Bon Baloubet, from birth.
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"I full-heartedly recommend Sarah King; her abilities as a trainer are outstanding.
My OTTB and I had reached a plateau. I lacked the confidence and ability to get him further along in his development. Noting the success Sarah had had with other horses, I had the good sense to engage her. 
Over just two months, Sarah trained him in all aspects of the training pyramid. I was invited to observe and when I did, Sarah explained what she was doing and why so I learned as well. Her approach is consistent and kind and based on sound principles. She’s also patient and creative, using a variety of approaches and techniques.  
Sarah has transformed him! He works easily in a beautiful frame, transitions smoothly and obediently, and carries himself nicely. I am very pleased with the investment I made. He and I are both much happier than we would have been struggling along alone."

Alanna Palmer

"Sarah is an amazing trainer.  I often call her 'the horse whisperer' with the skills and patience she has training any horse. She both calms and connects with horses in a special way.  You can see he evidence of this in the many off-the-track Thoroughbreds she has rescued and worked with, not to mention the amazing job she has done training her beautiful stallion Bon Baloubet."

Sandra Michel